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Covid -19

I am being asked on a daily basis how this will affect brides already on file and also brides who are looking to purchase their gowns for next year , brides who have had to postpone and brides who are yet to book a wedding.

Firstly congratulations to you all on finding the love of your life and you will all get married one day this virus is a blip along the path of true happiness and love and we can over come it if we stick together and stay in and keep safe.

To all you Cariad Brides I can assure you all we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure when we open we will keep it as smooth a process as possible for you whether its to rebook fittings or to change your wedding date or to continue with the plans and dates already made. All gowns already on order are being made or held at the manufacturers as we do not want to accept deliveries at this time not only because of transmitting of the virus but we are classing it as unnecessary journeys as we cannot open the shop for you to attend to check the gowns as soon as we are back open we will call all the gowns in asap,

For all you brides who haven't started your wedding dress shopping we are asking you to prepare a little earlier and order your gowns as soon as possible, as we are living in uncertain times and we don't know how this is going to delay manufacturing and ordering times. We have opened the diary up from May 2nd and are hoping to be back up and running by then but if not we will have your contact details to offer you the option of another date. You can ring us on the shop number of 01792461108 for one of the limited slots we have for after that date for new brides . Or enquire through the website.

Our main priority in this is to keep you all as informed as we are, and for us all to come out the other side of this with our good

health and the good health of our family members.


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