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Your Cariad Bridal Experience 

What to expect when you book an appointment at Cariad Bridal of Swansesa 

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When you first arrive at the store you will be greeted by a friendly  staff member who will discuss all aspects of what you want from your wedding gown, what styles you may have been researching and what sort of ideas you have in place for your wedding day, themes, colours etc 

We also at this point discuss your price point with you and as our gowns range from £495  to £1695 we always try to keep a bride with the price point they have in mind , over 80% of our boutique gowns come in the £1000  bracket. 

We then discuss the alteration serivce we provide and costings, and explain about any special requirements you may need like special length etc . We also explain about the bespoke nature of our gowns and how you can design change to your own requirements to make it uniqie and exactly what you want such as changing necklines , adding sleeves , fabric changes , lace changes etc 

We also discuss the RBA (Retail Bridal Association) which we are proud members of being one of only 4 shops in the whole of Wales we find is something very special , we also explain about the benefits to the bride such as the Bridal Assurance Scheme whih means you get your gown no matter what !

We then allow the brides and their family members to go through the gowns picking out the ones we think they will like (we do not limit the amount you try on ) at this stage we also pick out the ones we think you should try on , we know our stock inside out and the dresses look different on the hanger to on the body so we do ask you to keep an open mind and try on the wild card we may choose for you .

We also help the bride in and out of the dresses and provide a dressing gown for the brides to put on should they need it between dresses .  

Once you say " Yes to the Dress " the fun begins , every bride gets the option to have  their picture taken with our Future Mrs Wall with their friends and family and then get to choose a free gift from our boutique wall to take home with a free I'm a Cariad Bride bag and a lovely refreshing drink to take home .

When the gown arrives in store we store it free of charge and you then arrange your alterations with us for 8 weeks before the wedding , After Alterations are complete we then press the gown for you to collect days before the wedding .

We are proud to offer a complete service to our Cariad Brides and can't stress enough the after sales is the most important part of the purchase so research the shops after sales as well as the initial sale , do they do alterations ? how much are they ? Are they done in house , if not where are they done ? Do they store and press the gown ? Does the gown bag come included ? Research  is the main key for any bride with one of the most important purchases of their life many say its only for one day , but its in your pictures for the rest of your life so make sure its a perfect gown and a perfect fit ....

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