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£1000 The Magic Number

Over the past year we have attended many wedding fayres and when speaking to the brides and parents or partners about their price point the majority wanted to spend £1000 , that's the magic number , the number they felt comfortable spending for their dream gown but they struggled to find gowns for that price without them being a sale gown or an off the peg gown with no after sales service and the outlets charging them for the gown bag no alteration or after sales service, the gown not being cleaned it was a minefield and completely disappointing to them , so we went out and researched 2 amazing companies that carried high quality , beautiful gowns with gorgeous rich laces and high quality beads and crystals for the magic number price point of £1000. We recently did 2 events with a choice of over 100 gowns all priced £1000 and under where 90% of brides purchased their brand new gowns and some even went on to design change to their exact requirements , due to the success of these events we have purchased over 50 gowns which will retail at this price point instore. So if £1000 is your magic number please don't hesitate to ring us to book an appointment to find your BRAND NEW ORDERED IN GOWN , FREE STORAGE , SET ALTERATION COSTS DONE INHOUSE , FREE GOWN BAG , FULL AFTER SALES SERVICE AND RBA( Retail Bridal Association ) GOWN GUARANTEE . We also offer gowns from the higher price point but we always try to keep our brides within their magic number price point that's why we realised it was imperative to get these gowns to give you future brides more choice , this pricing is also across our plus size range where we have amazing corsetry and fabulous cuts for all you plus size brides. at Cariad Bridal we start from £750 upwards with a huge selection of gowns at £1000, a few examples are below but we have so many more instore to choose from.

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