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Charging for appointments (Not for us )

We have recently been asked by our customers if we charge for appointments to try on our gowns as they seem to think this is something a lot of shops do or are starting to charge , this is something we have thought about in the past to stop people not attending on the day without cancelling and taking the place of other brides on a waiting list, but we decided against it. we have been told other shops charge due to the service they give e.g. free gown bag , exclusive use of the room, pressing of the gown before collection , free gown insurance (ours isn't limited to a certain amount we cover the whole cost of the gown as we an RBA store ) and beverages but we give all this as part and parcel of our service to the brides without feeling the need to charge our future brides for the privilege of trying on our gorgeous gowns. So when you ring us you don't need to have your card handy we will just book you in and ask that you let us know if you no longer need the appointment to allow another bride the chance to attend and have the chance to try our gorgeous gowns in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. So we say "its not for us "

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